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Factoring Travel Risk into Trip Approvals
Factoring Travel Risk into Trip ApprovalsBy Matthew Judge, group managing director of risk management company The Anvil Group

Now that duty of care is high on the corporate agenda, trip-approval systems need to factor it in. Focusing purely on the budget aspects of corporate... KEEP READING

Sustainability & Sourcing
Sustainability & SourcingBy AIG Travel global head of travel communications Rhonda Sloan

More and more companies are realizing that today's consumers expect the brands they do business with not only to provide quality goods or services but... KEEP READING

Liability Versus Duty of Care
Liability Versus Duty of CareBy Don Dowling, a partner in law firm K&L Gates' global employer solutions team

Employers fret plenty about their liability in case of illness or injury to employees, but that liability is pretty limited, at least for business... KEEP READING

What All This Hotel Consolidation Means
What All This Hotel Consolidation MeansBy Lanyon VP of industry strategy Kevin Iwamoto

In my predictions for 2016, I forecasted the continuation of large hotel corporation mergers and acquisitions. According to industry buzz, it looks like... KEEP READING

How Corporates Will Buy Airfare in the Future
How Corporates Will Buy Airfare in the FutureBy Allstate Insurance Co. director of enterprise travel, entertainment & expense Duane Goucher

As the airline industry continues to consolidate, it has become apparent that today’s model for contracting up-front corporate discounts will change.... KEEP READING