BTN's 2018 Influencers

Cheryl Benjamin
Cheryl Benjamin: A BTN 2018 Woman You Should Know

Benjamin went to school for accounting, on the insistence of her father, but then a friend said, “Hey, take this travel class with me.”  A founding member and former chair of the Corporate Travel Department Association, she’s been in the business... KEEP READING

Monica Dickenson
Monica Dickenson: A BTN 2018 Woman You Should Know

Dickenson brought strategic meetings management to both legacy Baxalta and Shire pharmaceutical companies. She’s climbed through the ranks of meetings roles from operational to strategic, making her the kind of leader that arms her team with the... KEEP READING

Gail Grimmett
Gail Grimmett: A BTN 2018 Woman You Should Know

Grimmett began her career as a senior regulatory economist with the U.S. Department of Labor. For almost 20 years, she worked in leadership roles for Delta. Grimmett stepped in to head Travel Leaders Luxury Brands two years ago and will move on in May.... KEEP READING

Sandra McLeod
Sandra McLeod: A BTN 2018 Woman You Should Know

Almost a decade into her career as a travel agent in the U.K., McLeod shifted into travel technology. She hasn’t looked back. In January 2016, after working at Travelport for more than 25 years, McLeod moved to Melbourne to oversee Travelport Locomote,... KEEP READING

Samantha Simms
Samantha Simms: A BTN 2018 Woman You Should Know

Simms’ company, launched in October, simplifies privacy and data protection issues for multinational organizations. “We like our preferences to be recorded, but we do not want to feel as though we are being monitored,” she said. "There is a very thin... KEEP READING