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Understand how Expedia Group leverages NDC-enabled connections with Lufthansa Group airlines to bring value to their travelers during this 45-minute webinar.

Hear how businesses can benefit from NDC implementations as speakers explain the  goals, process and deliverables achieved by both parties during this second in a series of IATA NDC InFocus Webinars, sponsored and developed by IATA, and produced by the BTN Group.  


Paul Butcher, Senior Director of Airline Solutions, Expedia Group
Arber Deva, Senior Director, Head of Distribution Solutions, Lufthansa Group
Yanik Hoyles, Director, Industry Distribution Programs, IATA

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 alt='Delivering to Travel Stakeholders'  Title='Delivering to Travel Stakeholders'
Delivering to Travel StakeholdersTuesday, December 10 at 11:00 AM ETRegister Now!

Over its relatively short career as a business function, travel management has lived in many places in the organization. First, it was the CEO's office, then HR, then operations and more recently procurement, as cost-savings became a travel management priority. Now, all those former hosts are stakeholders, and new stakeholders like security and information technology are on the rise.

How does a travel manager deliver value to so many different constituents—and that doesn’t even count travelers? The answer is often in the travel data, but it matters how it is sliced and in what context it is presented. In this webinar, learn from data experts, consultants and senior travel buyers, how they work with data and storytelling to deliver what all their stakeholders need.

 alt='How United Airlines and TripActions Bring Value to Corporates Through NDC'  Title='How United Airlines and TripActions Bring Value to Corporates Through NDC'
How United Airlines and TripActions Bring Value to Corporates Through NDCTuesday, November 7 at 1PM ET/10AM PTWatch Now

Curious about what New Distribution Capability really means to your managed travel program? During this 45-minute webinar, hear the NDC journey of one of the NDC Leaderboard airlines, United Airlines, and its travel management company partner, TripActions in their common objective to bring added value to corporate buyers and travelers.

Understand how businesses can benefit from NDC implementations as speakers explain the  goals, process and deliverables achieved by both parties during this first in a series of IATA NDC InFocus Webinars, sponsored and developed by IATA, and produced by the BTN Group. 

 alt='tripactions10.29'  Title='tripactions10.29'
Key Indicators to Manage TravelTuesday, October 29 at 1:00 PM ET / 10:00 AM PTWatch Now

While corporate travel continues to be about getting travelers from Point A to Point B and back as effectively as possible, so many aspects of booking, reporting and managing those trips have changed in recent years. Supplier products and pricing, technology, data analytics and an intensified corporate focus on traveler satisfaction are all evolving. So how are companies monitoring their managed travel programs: what are the key indicators to manage travel today?

Listen as travel buyers and a consultant highlight the key indicators that should drive managed travel programs today and why during this hour-long BTN Group thought-leadership webinar, sponsored by TripActions. Also hear the panel discuss the nuances of airline, traveler satisfaction and return on investment metrics. Ask your own questions during the live Q&A.

 alt='Evaluating the Success of Your Travel Program'  Title='Evaluating the Success of Your Travel Program'
Evaluating the Success of Your Travel ProgramThursday, October 24 at 1:00 PM ET / 10:00 AM PTWatch Now

Managed travel has traditionally focused on cost savings and cost compliance. But with growing emphasis on traveler satisfaction, work-life balance and duty of care, what are the critical success factors to evaluate the success of managed travel programs? What are the must-have components of a sophisticated managed travel program?

Listen as corporate travel buyers share how they—and their key stakeholders—monitor the success of their programs, evaluate the completeness and factor innovation. Register now for this 60-minute BTN Group thought-leadership webinar, sponsored by Deem.

 alt='Corporate Travel Tech Adoption'  Title='Corporate Travel Tech Adoption'
Corporate Travel Tech AdoptionThursday, October 17 at 12:00 PM ETWatch Now

Technology is the great enabler of travel management. From online booking tools to niche traveler rewards systems, corporations can deploy an array of tools to guide travelers pre-trip, in-trip and post-trip. But what have they deployed? And what do they plan to implement next? Register now for this 60-minute to hear the results of this The Beat Research report and commentary from our expert panel about 11 categories of tech tools. 

 alt='cventleveraging1010'  Title='cventleveraging1010'
Leveraging Transient and Meetings SpendThursday, October 10 at 1:00 PM ETWatch Now
Is it best to leverage transient and meetings spend or keep the functions separate and distinct? Leveraging advocates point to the ability to negotiate one contract for both business travel and group events, to drive efficiencies, cost savings and enhanced supplier relationships, among other benefits.

Naysayers point to the far more complex contracts required for meetings, the frequency of dealing with separate hotel, air or other sales teams for transient and group needs, and the challenges of securing the holy grail single contracts for both needs as driving forces not to leverage their combined business. Hear three veteran travel professionals offer a point: counter-point during this 60-minute thought-leadership webinar, sponsored by Cvent. Listen as our expert panel highlights the gains, as well as pains, that companies should explore as they evaluate the best practices of leveraging, or not, meetings and transient spending, for their organizations. Ask your own questions during the live Q&A.
 alt='itkbcd925a'  Title='itkbcd925a'
2020 Travel Industry ForecastWednesday, September 25 at 1:00 PM EDT / 10:00 AM PDTWatch Now

How will economic factors and supplier strategies affect business travel buyers for the rest of 2019 and into 2020? What pricing developments can travel program stakeholders anticipate for air fares and hotel rates? Prepare for 2020 by attending this Travel Industry Forecast webinar, developed and presented by BCD Travel. 

Hear the global and regional forecasts, along with recommendations that go beyond them, to inform your strategies for next year in this BTN Group In the Know webinar. And ask your own questions during the live Q&A—it’s 60 minutes you won’t want to miss! 

 alt='Next Gen Travelers: Changing Expectations'  Title='Next Gen Travelers: Changing Expectations'
Next Gen Travelers: Changing ExpectationsTuesday, September 24 at 1:00 PM EDT / 10:00 AM PDTWatch Now

Mirroring some of the dramatic business workforce changes as four—and sometimes even five—generations work side-by-side, the face of business travel also is changing. As Gen Z and Millennials increasingly hit the road for companies—along with Gen X, Baby Boomer and even the youngest of the Silent Generation—what impact are they having on corporate travel policies, booking tools, compliance, preferred suppliers and communications? On the supplier side, how are hotel chains adapting to the demands of these younger, not to mention even more tech-dependent, business travelers?

Join us as travel industry and other experts discuss the challenges and opportunities of generational and workplace changes. Better understand the needs, expectations, attitudes and other attributes of the next generations of road warriors during this 60-minute BTN Group thought-leadership webinar, sponsored by Cvent Hospitality Cloud.

 alt='Strategic Meetings Management & Marketing: Working with Customers Events'  Title='Strategic Meetings Management & Marketing: Working with Customers Events'
Strategic Meetings Management & Marketing: Working with Customers EventsThursday, September 19 at 2:00 PM EDT / 11:00 AM PDTWatch Now

On the surface, Strategic Meetings Management programs and Marketing can be in conflict with each other. SMM looks to drive cost savings, standardized process, and compliance. Marketing departments are all about spending money to make money and enhancing the attendee experience. But really, these goals are just two sides of the same coin, and when SMM program managers, event planners, and marketers all work together, you are able to increase event satisfaction, drive value, and prove the impact of your events.

 In this webinar, The BTN Group and Cvent bring together meeting practitioners and marketers to discuss the value each side can bring to the other, and what some organizations are doing to bring marketing and SMM programs closer together.

 alt='Meetings ROI: The Two Faces of Data'  Title='Meetings ROI: The Two Faces of Data'
Meetings ROI: The Two Faces of DataTuesday, September 17 at 1:00 PM ET / 10:00 AM PTWatch Now

Strategic meetings management practices have long focused on budget, procurement and savings. These metrics are critical to controlling spend, but they don't give a full picture of value. Attendee experience and engagement data tells the story of what happens on the ground during the event. Following that data over time can provide even deeper insight into event value. In this BTN webinar, we'll look at the two faces of meetings data and how they combine to offer a real picture of meetings return on investment.

 alt='Best Practices In Business Travel: Expense'  Title='Best Practices In Business Travel: Expense'
Best Practices In Business Travel: ExpenseThursday, September 12 at 1:00 PM EDT / 10:00 AM PDTWatch Now

Expense management policies and technology systems are often as varied as company cultures. But what are leading practitioners doing about expense policies, practices or technologies to enhance travel programs, compliance, traveler satisfaction or savings?

Register now to hear leading practitioners share their insights and latest practices in this 60-minute BTN Group thought-leadership webinar sponsored by Air Canada. Ask your own questions of the expert panel during the live Q&A. 

 alt='Small & Midsize Travel Management Models'  Title='Small & Midsize Travel Management Models'
Small & Midsize Travel Management ModelsTuesday, September 10 at 1:00 PM EDT / 10:00 AM PDTWatch Now

 Travel management brings real value to small and midsize enterprises. From fiduciary responsibility to duty of care, all the way to traveler experience, a managed program can deliver. But what is the right travel management model for your small or midsize enterprise? In this webinar, BTN will bring together three travel buyers, each with a very different model for managing their small or midmarket program. Each buyer will outline his or her model and the objectives it achieves for them. Then, we'll open the panel to the audience – no question is too big or small. So whether you are just starting out with modest spend or have a mature midmarket travel management strategy, this webinar will deliver something for everyone. 

 alt='cvent bleisure web 62619'  Title='cvent bleisure web 62619'
Bleisure in Managed Travel: How and Why to EmbraceThursday, July 25 at 2:00 PM EDT / 11:00 AM PDTWatch Now
Travelers are embracing the concept of bleisure travel—combining business trips with leisure extensions before or after work assignments—but are companies embracing it?  If so, why and how? 

Listen as corporate travel executives discuss the surge in this trend and demographics of those most interested, as well as the challenges and opportunities that companies encounter in trying to develop policies and practices around bleisure trips. Listen as suppliers discuss how they’re working with corporate partners to engage travelers, book more travel and strengthen partnerships in this BTN Group thought-leadership webinar sponsored by Cvent Hospitality Cloud.
 alt='dinovaintheknow7.18.19'  Title='dinovaintheknow7.18.19'
Dining and Dollars: How to Bring Money Back into Your Program with Happy MealtimesThursday, July 18 at 1:00 PM EDT / 10:00 AM PDTWatch Now
Businesses spend significant money in the United States on three types of business dining: roughly $77B on travel meals, $15B on catering, and $8B on private dining events. With more than 660,000 restaurants across the country and a widespread tendency to write off dining as an expense that is too difficult to manage (and, quite frankly, too personal to mandate), travel managers have relied on per diems and called it a day … until now.

Hear three travel managers talk about their experiences, best practices, and the meaningful, real-dollar savings possible by wrangling business dining spend into a program that makes both finance teams and employees happy in this 45-minute webcast. Register now for this BTN Group In the Know webinar, with content sponsored and developed by Dinova, as we cover travel meals, catering, and private dining events.

Supported by new research from Dinova and the GBTA that establishes benchmarks for measuring traveler satisfaction programs–and discusses business dining’s role in these programs – this webinar will offer attendees:

 alt='beat research ndc arc delta 6182019'  Title='beat research ndc arc delta 6182019'
The Beat Research: TMC NDC Adoption BarometerWednesday, July 10 at 12:00 PM EDT / 9:00 AM PDTWatch Now
The New Distribution Capability is a technology standard with a straightforward premise: to modernize airline distribution in the agency channel. But how do corporate travel agencies around the world view the NDC standard? How are they approaching adoption and enablement? The Beat surveyed 30 major corporate travel agencies and learned that to TMCs, NDC is anything but straightforward. 

Register now for this 60-minute webinar to hear TMCs talk about the benefits and challenges of NDC adoption and the pace of change. Ask your own questions during the live webinar and download the full report.
IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) is the poster-child for change in travel management. But how might it impact your managed travel program or the roles of key players in your program? 

Hear from the IATA program lead for NDC plus a travel buyer and TMC leader at the heart of the project in this 45-minute BTN Group In the Know webinar developed by IATA. Learn what NDC is and isn’t. Gain a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges as the industry moves to a new distribution landscape.
 alt='roomit web 6519'  Title='roomit web 6519'
Global Hotel Programs: Approaches To Drive Better ResultsTuesday, June 25 at 12:00 PM EDT / 10:00 AM PDTWatch Now
Sourcing and managing a global hotel program has become more complex for travel managers. In an increasingly dynamic hotel environment, managers are factoring in local and regional nuances and booking behaviors against static or dynamic rates, savings and security expectations. Hear global travel professionals highlight some of the challenges they are facing, their approaches and keys to driving better results in this 60-minute BTN Group thought-leadership webinar, sponsored by RoomIt by CWT. 

Global travel managers and professionals also will discuss nuances in certain regions, partners key to their success and how they have attained traveler buy-in and compliance of 80 percent or more in dozens of countries. Speakers also will highlight how they are measuring the success of their programs to key stakeholders. Ask your own questions during the live Q&A.
 alt='cvent metrics webinar'  Title='cvent metrics webinar'
Meeting Metrics That MatterWednesday, June 19 at 1:00 PM EDT / 10:00 AM PDTWatch Now
To best manage your company’s meetings program and strategy, what key metrics should you and other stakeholders monitor? Listen as meeting and travel executives discuss the metrics that matter most in their programs, how they developed them and what it takes to compile them.  

Also hear speakers discuss the key stakeholders involved in tracking program success and how they want to see the metrics presented. Register now for this hourlong BTN Group thought-leadership webinar, sponsored by Cvent. Ask your own questions of speakers during the live Q&A.
 alt='tb itk web 521'  Title='tb itk web 521'
Hotel Negotiations: How to Increase Your Purchasing Power by Influencing Traveler BehaviorFriday, June 7 at 12:00 PM EDT / 9:00 AM PDTWatch Now
Join us for this webinar detailing ways to improve your negotiating leverage with hoteliers by increasing influence over traveler hotel booking behavior. A corporate travel buyer and experienced hotel executive will share their insights.

Learn how to meet, and exceed, company objectives while providing quality options to travelers within your corporate hotel program during this 45-minute BTN Group “In the Know” webinar, developed and sponsored by TRIPBAM. Ask your own questions during the live Q&A.
 alt='btn techbook web'  Title='btn techbook web'
Equipping Your Travel ProgramThursday, May 30 at 1:00 PM EDT / 10:00 AM PDTWatch Now
Technology strategies are changing. Is your program keeping up? 

Managed travel technology has exploded—how will it change your program? Our expert panel will talk about the advantages to buying an off-the-shelf tech stack versus building certain pieces in house or architecting a technology structure from a variety of suppliers. It will also explore how industry technology changes will affect your programs. Will TMC partners enable more personalization? Are booking tools getting any smarter? Are mobile apps ready to provide real-time, relevant messaging to travelers—and how does this all work? Beyond core travel and expense platforms, what are some of the longer-tail technologies and services that travel managers should be looking at now?
 alt='egencia web image'  Title='egencia web image'
How Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics Can Improve Your Travel ProgramTuesday, May 21 at 1:00 PM EDT / 10:00 AM PDTWatch Now
In the data-driven realm of business travel management, access to better data is what helps suppliers and buyers secure better deals. Suppliers used to have an edge in the quest for data, but in today’s world of business travel many companies invest in business travel data analysis by hiring analysts on travel management teams and buying analytics tools. However, a new gap is opening today with suppliers using their larger data sets and budgets to apply machine intelligence to analytics. It is becoming critical for travel managers to have access to these new tools as well.

Register now for this 60-minute BTN Group thought-leadership webinar, sponsored by Egencia, to learn how new technologies can improve your business travel program. Hear what leading travel managers are already doing to leverage predictive analytics in their travel programs and what suppliers have to say about where the industry is going with machine learning and predictive analytics and when!
 alt='direct travel web img'  Title='direct travel web img'
Travel Policy as an Employee Recruitment/Retention ToolThursday, May 2 at 1:00 PM EDT / 10:00 AM PDTWatch Now
With the tightest labor market in decades, job candidates and current employees are more closely scrutinizing travel policies, preferred suppliers and programs. What are companies doing to ensure that their travel policies and programs are not only competitive, but leading edge? 

Register now for this BTN Group thought-leadership webinar, sponsored by Direct Travel, to hear leading practitioners detail their concerns, what they’re doing and why. How are they looking at class of service, upgrade, premium economy, supplier status programs and even flight delays to better view their programs through the eyes of prospective or current employees? What impact are changes having on travelers and their bottom lines? And, how should you review your own program?
 alt='Moving Beyond the Big Three: Why Agency, Payment and Expense Data Isn’t Enough'  Title='Moving Beyond the Big Three: Why Agency, Payment and Expense Data Isn’t Enough'
Moving Beyond the Big Three: Why Agency, Payment and Expense Data Isn’t EnoughTuesday, April 30 at 1:00 PM EDT / 10 AM PDTWatch Now
We all know that spend transparency and supplier negotiation strategies are important. With advancements in data and technology, you might be thinking that now is the time to integrate your agency, payment and expense data. But there are many important factors that the “big three” can’t capture. 

Integrating third-party data sources can give you a holistic view while also being a cost-effective business intelligence solution for your program. Join us for this hour-long webinar to learn why the integration of traditional data sources just isn't enough anymore and what you can do about it, simply and effectively, to elevate the returns of your travel program. Register now for this “In the Know” webinar with content developed and sponsored by Advito.
 alt='ta 6 ways web'  Title='ta 6 ways web'
6 Ways to Save Money on Business TravelThursday, April 25 at 1pm EDT / 10am PDTWatch Now

While corporations have intensified the focus on traveler satisfaction in managed travel programs, savings remains a top priority. What are the best ways to drive savings in managed travel and what are some of the innovative new practices to stretch travel dollars? Listen as travel managers and an industry consultant share their tips during this 60-minute BTN Group thought-leadership webinar, sponsored by TripActions.

The webinar will address the following questions:

- With limited time, where should travel buyers focus savings strategies?

- What are new and innovative ways companies can save?

- How do you balance cost savings and traveler satisfaction?

- How do you best measure savings and program ROI?


 alt='ac best booking web'  Title='ac best booking web'
Best Practices in Business Travel: BookingThursday, April 11 at 12:00pm EDT / 9:00am PDTWatch Now
With so many ways to book business travel, what are industry best practices for managed travel programs? How should companies configure, communicate and set policies that best balance compliance and savings with traveler satisfaction and experience?  

Register now to hear leading practitioners share their experiences and practices in this 60-minute BTN Group thought-leadership webinar sponsored by Air Canada.
 alt='itk bcd web'  Title='itk bcd web'
Is Traveler Engagement Really Worth the Effort?Wednesday, February 27 at 1:00 PM EST / 10 AM PSTWatch Now
Changing traveler behavior is never easy. So why bother? There's good reason. Get your travelers engaged to  increase traveler satisfaction and hotel savings. 

In this “In The Know” webinar, sponsored and developed by BCD Travel, you’ll hear what actions program managers can take to drive traveler engagement. Hear first-hand how the travel team at Ingersoll Rand grew engagement, which ultimately resulted in a 28 percent increase in hotel-to-trip-night bookings. Ask your own questions of our expert panel during the live Q&A.
The amount of data available to travel category managers today is unparalleled. Although this offers a golden opportunity to drive savings and improvements in travel programs, knowing what metrics to focus on first can be somewhat overwhelming. 

Register now for this 45-minute “In the Know” webinar developed and sponsored by TRIPBAM to learn how to make sense of the data available and gain actionable insights to determine when to use flat rates versus dynamic rates to empower you to drive hotel savings beyond sourcing season. Ask your own questions during the live Q&A.
As personalization becomes the key to customer engagement and satisfaction—including your managed business travelers—how can the corporate travel industry ensure privacy and, in the face of a breach, facilitate recovery. Corporate data management and legal experts discuss the trends, potential solutions and answer your questions.
 alt='innweb19 innovation'  Title='innweb19 innovation'
INNOVATE DIGITAL: Driving Innovation in Your Managed Travel ProgramThursday, February 14 at 1:00 PM EST / 10:00 AM PSTWatch Now
When was the last time you broke through an innovation barrier for you travel program—been a while? Hone your strategies with leading travel managers who consistently bring innovations large and small to the table. Plus, a start-up consultant talks about why the industry is ripe for disruption and why the best travel managers will be a part of that.
 alt='egencia web 19'  Title='egencia web 19'
Is it Time to Rebid or Refine Your TMC Contract?Tuesday, February 5 at 12:00 PM EST / 9:00 AM PSTWatch Now
Is your travel management company meeting the needs of your travelers, management, and key stakeholders? If not, what’s the best roadmap to follow to fill in the gaps? Is it time to rebid your TMC contract or explore options in the ever-changing marketplace? Or should you focus on refining existing contracts and services to better align with your business travel needs and current stakeholder expectations? 

Listen as travel management professionals share their experiences and tips in this one-hour BTN Group thought leadership webinar, sponsored by Egencia. This webinar is an interactive experience—you can ask questions during the Q&A segment.
 alt='inn web 19 blockchain 2'  Title='inn web 19 blockchain 2'
INNOVATE DIGITAL: Blockchain for Corporate Travel: The Real StoryWednesday, January 30 at 1:00 PM EST / 10:00 AM PSTWatch Now
Blockchain experts get real with how the technology is poised to change the managed travel space. Will it change everything? No way. Are there business travel pain points that blockchain could address? Innovation it will engender? Yes, absolutely. BTN's expert panel will get you up to speed on what blockchain is—and what it is not—and how it may be applied to corporate travel in the near future.
 alt='travel dist web'  Title='travel dist web'
Distribution Transformation: What Travel Managers Need to KnowTuesday, November 27 at 1:00 pm EST / 10:00 am PSTWatch Now

Air travel distribution is changing. If you are coming into the distribution discussion only as IATA's New Distribution Capability is connecting new pipes, you don't know as much as you need to know to manage your travel programs. NDC opens up new opportunities for travel managers to control their programs, but it also opens up complexities that are not fully solved by existing technologies. If travel managers can't work with their partners from a position of knowledge, the solutions can't be tailored to your real needs. 

In this 60-minute webinar, Business Travel News brings together an expert panel to explore distribution transformation, why NDC is important and if there are other promising technologies on the horizon for travel distribution. Moreover, we'll explore what it could mean for corporate travel program innovation and where the industry will need to overcome challenges.

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